Fred Bush Restaurant Equipment in Corona, CA

Fred Bush Restaurant Equipment understands your kitchen cannot function without the necessary equipment in it. Our goal is to be able to get you set back up to peak performance quickly and at a low-cost. We offer trade in's and the ability come appraise your old equipment for us to purchase. Renting options are available for specific items as well.

Whether just starting out, or needing to purchase a functioning vital piece of equipment that is faulty, we are here to help you out. From design to delivery, we have your back each step of the way. Our leasing partners are great resources for new and existing businesses to get up and running. Contact us today to see how they can help.

In order to always be available to you, we provide the following options on purchasing new and/or refurbished equipment.
Sell Reconditioned

Fred Bush Restaurant Equipment is our community's lead dealer of reconditioned restaurant equipment. Our trained staff has the professional expertise to completely refurbish the interior and exterior of each piece of equipment.

New Restaurant Equipment

Our equipment is specific to restaurants, markets, convenience stores, hospitals, schools, and fire departments. Our extensive selection of new equipment is all name brand and from well represented manufacturers. If there is a piece of equipment you would like and we do not have it in stock, we can get it in within a few days.

Buy & Trade Equipment

Purchasing a new or used piece of equipment can be a hassle financially. We provide options to buy or trade equipment with you to reduce the cost of your new piece.

Offsite Auctions

Owner Fred Bush has over 30 years of professional auctioneer experience. We manage all aspects of the auction from advertising, collecting money, and recording all sales. Call us today if you would like to participate.


We buy and sell restaurant equipment daily, which means we are out and about delivering and picking up equipment. Call us today for us to come out and appraise your equipment. *Our appraisal services are used by insurance agencies, banks, and financing companies.

Design & Layout Consulting

Fred Bush Restaurant Equipment
has expert designers to help you create or recreate your kitchen for the best functionality. We can help you find all the equipment needed to run a successful kitchen with ease.

Short Term Equipment Rental

Are you in need of equipment for an event? Fred Bush Restaurant Equipment provides short term rentals to ensure you have the right tools to have a successful function.